Saturday, November 15, 2008

Courses: A&P this go round...

I've said it once, and I will forever say it: It's hard being the fore-runner of a new class.

We're breaking ground and slogging through everything to work out kinks (and not the good kind!) and make sure things get ironed out for the next wave.

My current beef is Anatomy and Physiology. Okay, so it's more current as i'm sitting here with the textbook open from trying to read a really dry chapter - wait, they're all dry....
The first month of classes, we had to plow through half the book. half of 1000+ pages. so, yes, normally it's about 500+ and that can take me about a week. If it wasn't dry and filled with so much stuff.

I just did an exam. My unofficial mark was 63%. 2% under the passing percentage. do i feel shitty? yes. two weeks of sitting in front of a computer reading and doing assignments on the computer, not to mention handwritten notes - i hate handwritten class notes! until about 2am.

this is my life. most of my other classes are put on a back burner because this A&P course is huge and time consuming. and trust me, osmosis does NOT work. i've tried and woken up to painful books jabbing me in the side.

i have an exam again in 2 weeks. then one week of studying one more huge section and then the final. that's right, the final. which may or may not have lots of the previous chapters on it.

this is leaving me strung out and confused. not to mention the frustration of not being able to buy iMedterms for my iPod to help me study. it doesn't tell you that only the US can buy it until you're clicking to make payment. bah.

i'm going to see what i can do to get around that.

but back to a&p, this is a heavy course and i think that it should be throughout the full year, not just the first trimester. sept to mid-dec is how long the course is. i have a feeling that i'll be referring back to this book lots. and i wonder if i'll be able to access the web page information at a later time, like after the course ends. i'll have to inquire about that.

but i think i'm going to go and study more. i mean, it's the weekend right and i still have 10 minutes left until 2am.

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